Struggling with Holiday Boundaries?

Struggling with Holiday Boundaries?


Fake it til You Make It...No More

It's the holiday season, slap on smile and get through it, right? Well, sort of...

If you're always having to 'fake it until you make it", now is the time to create healthy habits and set clear boundaries, so you can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year with your loved ones.

5 Easy Ways to Set Boundaries and Self-Care During the Holidays

1) TIME OUT: Take a time out for yourself to relax and enjoy the season with no explanation to others.

2) LIMIT: Set a time limit on how long you'll spend time with family or friends. This is your holiday too.

3) EAT: It's usually 'go time' at the holiday parties for indulging. Indulge, but balance it with eating healthy foods too. Think of it this way, eat like crap-feel like crap. Eat healthily, and feel healthy, food affects our mood.

4) REST: Sleep can influence your mood,
eating habits, memory, and more. Choose a time to unwind for the night.

5) MOVE IT: Physical activity is one of the best ways to manage and relieve stress, taking a short walk each day or even just stretching counts as movement.

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