Behind the Beans of Shift Work Coffee

Ever wondered what's brewing at Shift Work Coffee, besides, well, coffee? Dive in, and let's spill the beans (not literally – that would be a waste of good coffee).

Supporting First Responders Mental Health - On and off shift.

Look, we love coffee. But you know what we love more? The folks who dash out to help when our cat gets stuck up a tree at 3 AM. That's why a chunk of our profits goes straight into boosting the mental mojo of our first responders. So, while our coffee keeps you awake, it also wakes up some much-needed support for them. Two birds, one stone... or should we say, one bean?

It Ain't Just About the Caffeine Kick

Our beans have a backstory, and spoiler alert: it's not a snoozefest. Rooted in the life of a first responder family, we're more than just your coffee dealer. Think of us as your caffeine comrade. We've felt the late-night lulls, the random radio buzzes, and the weird tan lines from uniforms. It's why we give back, turning a portion of our profits into a big ol' thank you in the form of mental health support.

Because Tea Just Didn't Cut It (Kidding!)

In a world filled with lattes, espressos, and the occasional spilt coffee, we found our calling. Coffee's not just our business; it's our messenger pigeon. Whether it's that warm hug-in-a-mug feeling from our brew or the actual funds we funnel into first responder mental health support, we're here to perk things up!

Beans, brews, or the best way to avoid coffee stains? Drop us a line!
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