The Mental Health Taboo

The Mental Health Taboo

Mental health was once taboo to talk about for a variety of reasons.  Mental Health issues were often stigmatized and labeled as "crazy" or "weak." Also thought to be caused by sin, or even possessed by demons. This stigma made it difficult for people to seek help.Fortunately, times have changed. Shift Work Coffee supports First Responders and their family's mental health by teaming up with First Responders Trauma Counselors, and promoting healthy ways to stay mentally fit.

5 Ways to Promote and Stay Mentally Fit

  1. Reduce stigma and encourage help-seeking
  2. Promote healthy work-life balance
  3. Provide access to evidence-based mental health treatment
  4. Build resilience
  5. Create a culture of support

It is important to note that promoting mental health for first responders is a shared responsibility. Employers, governments, and the community all have a role to play. By working together, we can create a system of support that helps first responders stay mentally healthy and thrive.

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