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Italian Roast - Central American

Italian Roast - Central American

This Italian Roast is an extra dark oily roast gourmet coffee that will make a bold and intense cup of coffee made from Central American coffee beans. The beans are roasted to a dark, oily roast, which results in a deep, heavy flavor with diminished origin characteristics.


Extra dark oily roast
Central American coffee beans
Deep, heavy flavor
Diminished origin characteristics
Perfect for coffee lovers who enjoy a bold cup of joe


Wakes you up and gets you going in the morning
Helps you stay focused and productive throughout the day
Improves your mood and energy levels
Makes you feel more alert and awake

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Customer Reviews

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Grant Cooper
Buongiorno, café

Imagine this: Central American beans putting on their best Italian accent, crying "Buongiorno!" as they transform into an extra-dark, oily roast. These beans are like the double agents of the coffee world, mastering the art of Italian roasting while retaining their vibrant Central American spirit.

They’re roasted so dark and oily, it's like they took a dip in a Mediterranean oil bath before landing in your grinder. This roast is as intense as an Italian opera but with the smoothness of a Central American sunset. It’s like having a Vespa ride through the streets of Rome while sipping coffee that’s whispering, "Pura vida!" You taste the boldness of Italy but get those sneaky hints of Central America peeking through like a tourist taking selfies at the Colosseum.

But hey, these beans aren’t just globetrotters; they’re workaholics too. They wake you up better than your morning alarm and keep you chugging along like an Energizer bunny on caffeine. You’ll be so productive, you’ll have finished your to-do list before you write it.

And the best part? Sipping on this cross-continental blend supports mental health in first responder communities. It’s like making the world a better place, one delicious sip at a time. So grab your sombrero and sip some espresso, amigos.